March 31 - April 9: Michele and Alex visit Beijing!

Part II: Parks

Day 4

First we had breakfast. Here they are making dumplings.
Then we visited the Old Summer Palace (yuan ming yuan):
Check out the beautiful flowers!
Michele on our way to the totem pole forest island.
Hmm...why is there a totem pole forest in the middle of a lake in the middle of Beijing?
Which one is Nancy?
A crowd of people were fishing in the waterway. It was very serene.
Mmm...Roasted chestnuts. So delicious!
Michele enjoyed the rest of the roasted chestnuts that we bought, sitting at the side of a very lovely pond in the park.
Michele's favorite tree: the weeping willow.

The summer palace just northwest of Beiing. Look at all the koi in the water!

Climbing around the Summer Palace.
Michele and her weeping willow tree.
A visual demonstration of behind, in front of, and on top.

Michele and Nancy eating again! This little snack was essentially a huge hamburger bun with a dollop of red bean paste in the middle.

Our last views of the beautiful Summer Palace park.

Day 5: Around and about Beijing.

Ah, soy bean milk. Michele was drooling.
The mouse looks a litle scared as Alex grins maniacally. What is going to happen next?
A stone lion and some electric bikes. Beijing, past and present.
Some guys were playing a little Chinese chess on the street.
We ended up at Zhongshan Park.
Enjoying a rest in the park.

Alex played a little tennis with some local folk.

Next up: hackey-sack. Nice kick, Nancy!
That's one crowded bus ... not unusual for Beijing.

Walking around looking for the opera house.

Tiananmen Square at dusk. We really need to clean our camera lens!

Next stop: Beijing Opera at the Zheng Yi Ci Theater

After searching for the opera house for literally hours, we were sidetracked several times, but we finally found it and were rewarded with very entertaining performances.

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