March 28 - 29: Wuhan and back to Beijing

We happily disembarked our cruise boat at 1 am in the morning on March 28. That night we stayed in a nice hotel near Yichang. The next morning we took a very cushy, nice bus from Yichang to Wuhan. It was so nice that there was even a flight attendant-like person who passed out drinks and snacks. Nancy watched Speed 2 and some Jackie Chan movie while Bryan read his Dickens novel. Upon our arrival to Wuhan, after checking into our hotel, we headed straight for the nearest internet cafe. Finally, our two day drought of email was ended. Wuhan was a pleasant city to wander around in for a day or so. We found a nice internet cafe, and there were very nice car-free streets on which to stroll. There was also good Hubei food.

We made an excursion to the Yellow Crane Tower Park before leaving Wuhan. Yellow Crane Tower Park was easily one of the best parks that we have been to in China.

Is it the Liberty Bell? No, it's a giant bell in Yellow Crane Tower Park.
The weather was perfect.
Bryan was very impressed with this awesome statue.
Nancy takes some dancing lessons from an ancient Chinese statue.
All this walking around and being a tourist stuff is really tiring.
This is a beautifully-carved wooden panel inside the Yellow Crane Tower.
The Yellow Crane Tower Park as viewed from the Yellow Crane Tower, with part of the city of Wuhan visible in the distance.
The east gate of the Yellow Crane Tower park.
Our last sight before we headed back to the hotel and headed to the train station.
Here we are staying on the top level (three in total) of the hard sleeper car from Wuhan to Beijing. It was very nice. You go to sleep and when you wake up you're there! We could have done with a few extra inches of head room.
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